Solid Hollywood craft service truck and equipment rental is a carbon neutral company. 

Our trucks come equipped with the following tools to green your set:

  1. water filling stations for refilling reusable water bottles at set

  2. filtered water spout for refilling reusable water bottles on truck

  3. ceramic flatware and metal cutlery for non-disposable dining options

  4. clearly labeled recycling bins

  5. composting bins for food scraps and compostable cutlery

  6. biodiesel-ready electricity generator

  7. biodiesel-ready truck engine

  8. LED light bulbs considerably reducing energy consumption 

Solid Hollywood


green commitment


Because our equipment is only green when people use it that way, Solid Hollywood recommends these industry compliments:

Teddy Yonenaka - crafts service department head

Happy Mandible - crafts service grocery and supply shopping and delivery